by Clif Bolton

  I bought this early 50's Ferguson TO-20 at an auction just to have around for odd jobs.

It was in decent original condition with normal dents and bangs and rust.

After a couple of years of having to drive the starter ring back onto the flywheel I decided to pull it into the garage and "fix it".

A few months later and many man hours and bucks spent I pulled this baby back out of the garage.

   It was definitely too nice for a work horse and I didn't have any spare storage space so, sell it I must.

   Out front it went with a FOR SALE sign hanging on it. It caused quite a stir and only lasted a day or so and I sure hated to see it go. Now I was tractorless again.

   A friend told me about this old 59 Case 310 that was for sale. It had a rear blade, front loader and mower. After buying it I said I'd never spend my time restoring this one.  Yeah right!

Yeah, that's right. I restored it after it suffered a minor fire, I just couldn't resist. Click on    CASE 310 TRACTOR
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