by Clif Bolton

While I was visiting a friend in Tennessee on a long weekend trip I was introduced to a litter of pups that had been born under her front porch. Throughout the weekend one of the little guys kept leaning on me and following me about. My friend said "He has chosen you", I said "I don't want a dog". She said "I understand, but if you change your mind you can take him home with you".

Monday morning came, my friend went to work and I prepared to leave for my trip home. When I opened the door to take my first load of stuff to the motor home there sat Bud (that's what I had come to call him) all by himself in the yard looking at me, there wasn't another dog in sight. I mumbled to myself "I don't want a dog" as I unlocked the motor home and placed the load inside. 

When I brought the next load out he was sitting in front of the motor home door looking as if to say "I'm ready to go". I remembered her saying "He has chosen you" and "If he's not here when I get home I'll know you took him with you". I picked him up and placed him inside thinking he would jump back out and run under the porch, wrong.

         BOSS BUD

He ran straight to the front and tried to jump into the passenger seat. I knew I had no choice, I lifted him into the seat and away we went.

He sat in that seat for the entire 8 hours drive home trying to see over the dash and watching every move I made. During that long drive I had plenty of time to think about my new friend. He had "chosen me" so it must be a good thing, and it wouldn't hurt me to have some responsibility.

When we got home he ran into the house and thru every room before selecting a spot on the living room carpet to curl up totally contented. And, we've been "Bud's" ever since.

Bud takes care of me and I take care of Bud. I never worry whether we're at home, traveling or camping Bud let's me know when anything moves. He loves to go with me when I go out for a few beers or to shoot pool. He'll sit in that old truck for hours and dare you to get too close.

We've been thru so much and I hope we've got a lot yet to go thru. Thanks, my friend, for such a priceless gift.





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